Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried rebounds with authority

The 6-foot-8, 228-pound Faried appears to have all the attributes to become one of the NBA’s best overall rebounders. Maybe of his generation. Consider that he set the NCAA career record for rebounds at Morehead State. Then, he didn’t have a summer league or a normal-length training camp due to the lockout a year ago, so he missed weeks of training from Denver’s coaches about the NBA nuances of board-crashing. Oh, and he didn’t play much in the first third of the season as he tried to catch up.

So now, the 22-year old Faried is coming off a productive summer and flourishing during the preseason, soaring and scoring.

“High energy and has a big-time motor, which you can’t teach, and he has skill to go with it,” said Warriors coach Mark Jackson, who watched Faried torch his team for 27 points and 17 boards — in just 24 minutes, last spring. “He’s a weapon that George uses extremely well. He’s definitely a guy who you want to match his motor, or you’re going to have a problem all night long.

– Reported by Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post