The following is a press release from Court Grip

Today, Mission Athletecare and OptoSource released findings and related video from a three month analysis that showed a 24% average improvement on basketball player’s quickness and improved balance and stability when using Court Grip, a product developed by MISSION Athletecare designed to increase traction on hardwood courts.

OptoSource, a recognized leader in sports performance tracking, utilizes state-of-the-art LED sensors to track and measure athlete’s speed, agility and quickness to determine their efficiency of motion.

“I noticed a few players were using Court Grip while working out this past June, and while you can definitely hear the product working (when players sneakers squeak on the floor), we wanted to use our proprietary tracking techniques and OptoJump technology to see if we can quantify the actual performance benefits of the product. Candidly, the results were surprising. I didn’t anticipate seeing an average of 24% improvement in lateral quickness – that far surpassed my expectations.” said OptoSource Founder Doug Fidellow.

OptoSource’s independent study was divided into 2 key areas. First, there was extensive analysis and testing of basketball players at the high school and college level - with and without Court Grip. Second, OptoSource traveled to Wisconsin to test with Milwaukee Bucks star point guard Brandon Jennings, and to analyze the difference in his performance with and without Court Grip.

After 3 months of testing over 24 subjects, the OptoSource study showed an average of 24% increase in quickness when going in and out of cuts for players at all levels when using Court Grip - and in some cases higher. It also showed quantifiable improvements in balance and stability on change of direction movements on players who used the traction enhancing technology.

Side-by-side analysis of Brandon Jennings’s signature move, the step back jump shot, with and without Court Grip, also revealed a significant decrease in average court contact time when using the product. “I used Court Grip all of last year, and I could feel the difference in my game, but actually seeing the data from the study, the visible improvements that Court Grip made to my form, stability and performance was really amazing,” said Milwaukee Bucks star, Brandon Jennings.

“Our players who use Court Grip experienced improved reaction time and ability to move in and out of their cuts quicker. It is the most beneficial product we have seen in the past few years” says Wally Blase, Head Athletic Trainer for the Atlanta Hawks.

Co-developed and co-created with 2-Time NBA Champion and Miami Heat All-Star Dwyane Wade, Mission Athletecare launched Court Grip last season, with support from company partners Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Brandon Jennings as well as the NBA and the NBA Trainers Association. Due to record-breaking adoption of the product, all major sports retailers are featuring Court Grip  this basketball season.

A video sharing more on this is here