The Sacramento Bee (Scott Howard-Cooper) reports: The Nuggets have made their moves (trading for Allen Iverson) and not made their moves (Artest), and it hasn’t mattered. They are still going nowhere fast, unable to register as more than a ripple in the West by going 31-28 last season after acquiring Iverson and 50-32 in 2007-08 as the eighth and final playoff entrant and a combined 1-8 in the two postseasons. And that supposed spike in interest once Iverson arrived? The Nuggets were 17th in attendance his first full season. The team with the No. 3 (Iverson) and No. 4 (Carmelo Anthony) scorers in the league, and center Marcus Camby as 2006-07 Defensive Player of the Year, squeezed into the playoffs and got summarily dispatched. The Nuggets didn’t get swept because Artest remained a King. They would have lost to the Lakers anyway. But there was something deserving about getting embarrassed after scuttling a trade for the best hope for a Bryant matchup because they didn’t want to part with Kleiza.