Andrew Bynum ailing, unable to practice with 76ers

On Monday, Bynum received a previously scheduled injection of Synvisc-One in both knees. It is a natural substance that lubricates and cushions the joints and is believed to provide up to six months of protection. It is not related to the platelet therapy. Bynum also plans to get another injection at the all-star break.

Bynum agreed with the team that he shouldn’t return until the pain is gone.

“The doctors and team are all cautious,” Bynum said. “We want to avoid any type of setback. I will be evaluated and am being reevaluated, and I will be all right.”

Bynum said his right knee doesn’t hurt when he walks, but it does when he takes part in stressful activity. Still, he is confident his knee will eventually be pain-free.

– Reported by Marc Narducci of theĀ Philadelphia Inquirer