John Henson

Attention fellow fishermen: If you receive a telephone call from Milwaukee Bucks rookie John Henson, don’t hang up.

“They might be like, ‘Nah, quit playing,’ ” Henson said. “But it’s something I like doing and it’s a hobby of mine. I fish all the time. I love doing it. Even if I don’t catch any fish, just to go out there and relax, be to myself or with a family member or friend. It’s fun.

“I looked up charters here and all type of stuff, and I found a few things that interest me. As soon as I have a little time, I’m definitely going to check it out.”

And a word of advice:

When bragging how your charter always returns with enough fish to feed Henson’s entire team, be sure to knock on wood.

It’s the 22-year-old’s biggest superstition.

– Reported by Dave Boehler, special to theĀ Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel