Jason Smith says Hornets go 1-on-1 too often

When New Orleans Hornets veteran forward Jason Smith was asked after Sunday’s practice to assess his team’s problems, he had plenty to say. He said they are not moving the ball enough offensively and too many players are putting themselves in one-on-one isolation plays instead of involving their teammates.

Although the Hornets are still without their two best players, Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon, because of injuries, they have not been able avoid low-scoring quarters or get enough significant contributions from key players.

“You can say it’s not a big problem and some people shrug it off, but it’s a problem,’’ Smith said. “We’re going a little bit one-one-one too much, not moving the ball. We get a stop or a rebound and we don’t pass the ball and we get up a shot. I think we’re letting defenses off the hook when we just go down make one pass and shoot.’’

– Reported by John Reid of the New Orleans Times-Picayune