Former Lakers head coach Mike Brown not bitter

mike brown

“I don’t hold grudges against people, but it’s the Busses’ team and Mitch (Kupchak) is the GM and they have to make decisions and sometimes the decisions are tougher than others.”

Brown shakes off any notion that he got a raw deal. It was believed the Lakers would use a six-game homestand to evaluate Brown, but after numerous discussions, Lakers management unanimously decided that the team was going sideways and Brown was let go.

“I didn’t think anything (about how the decision was made),” Brown said. “My job was to coach the team as long as they allowed me to and that was as long as they allowed me.

“I got no hard feelings. You see me walk in here and I get to watch my son. He’s a senior. I’m enjoying my family. I enjoyed my time with the Lakers. I appreciate the opportunity the Busses gave me and Mitch gave me. I’ve moved on. I really have.” …

“It’s kind of funny because people say, ‘you don’t seem (upset),’” Brown said. “I tell them that I have no control over the decision, and I understand the business. So I’m thankful what they allowed me to do, I’m thankful for the opportunity and now I’m trying to cheer on my son’s team to a third victory.”

– Reported by Janis Carr of the Orange County Register