Injury opens door for Dorell Wright

No one wants injuries to happen - not players, coaches or fans. But when they do, opportunities arise. And while the situation might not be ideal, a door opening is always welcomed.

That has been the case for 76ers swingman Dorell Wright. Point guard Jrue Holiday missed his fourth straight game Wednesday with a sprained foot. In the three games before Wednesday night’s 125-103 loss to the Houston Rockets, Wright had played between 26 and 30 minutes a game, a huge leap from any other time during the season. Against Houston, he had 20 points and six assists in 39 minutes.

It’s no coincidence that his game is coming back to form.

His defense has gotten to where it was at the beginning of the season, when coach Doug Collins could rely on him to cover anyone from small forwards to centers. He has found his shooting touch again, demonstrated Tuesday in Dallas when he hit seven three-pointers and scored a season-high 25.

– Reported by Bob Cooney of theĀ Philadelphia Daily News