The San Antonio Spurs have opened a flophouse, and the special invited guests are David West and Chris Paul.

In game 6, with the Spurs needing a win to stay alive and force a series-deciding game 7, early in the third quarter, Tim Duncan did his best Manu Ginobili impersonation and, upon feeling contact from West, who had the basketball and was looking to score, flopped backwards and fell down. It should have been a no-call, but the refs fell for it. It’s partially West’s fault for extending his arm, but still, the ref should have let it go.

West also got robbed when he and Ginobili got tied up, and the ref decided it was West’s fault. I’m not sure but I thought Ginobili was the one holding him.

And, West got called for a reach-in on Duncan that I’m not sure was a foul.

Those three fouls occurred right near each other when the game was still close. Overall there were about five fouls on CP3 and West in the span of under two minutes, changing the game.

The Spurs then proceeded to pull away.