DeMarcus Cousins

According to league sources, the Celtics have, indeed, inquired about Cousins, but that shouldn’t come as a great revelation in that they, like most every NBA club, are constantly checking the marketplace to see if a bargain can be had.

Word is, however, that the Kings are asking for a high draft pick and people who can help them now. So, forgetting the fact the Celts’ first-round pick will be middle of the road at best, would you want to part with a young starter (and more) for someone as uncertain as Cousins?

Considering the talent the Kings already have in the backcourt, it’s possible the Celtics can’t even muster something that would be attractive enough for Sacramento — at least not at this moment. And you’d have to question whether you’d give up even equal talent for this guy, his abilities notwithstanding. What we know right now is that the Kings aren’t inclined to hold a fire sale.

– Reported by Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald