Dwight Howard

The Lakers training staff will have more work. After posting 19 points and tying a career-high 26 rebounds, Howard aggravated his right shoulder and will receive an MRI this morning. Howard remains optimistic he will be fine, but what about the team’s progress?

“It’s a tough stretch, but we have to stay together. We can’t point the finger at anybody,” Howard said. “It seems like everything is against us right now, but we have to keep our heads and stay together.”

Few have such patience.

A loud group of Lakers fans yelled out “We want Phil” a not-so-subtle suggestion they’d rather have Phil Jackson coach this current group. Clearly, they’re pinning the Lakers’ poor defense on D’Antoni, who has never had a good reputation in that department. Meanwhile, Gasol and Nash each picked up technicals.

– Reported by Mark Medina of theĀ Los Angeles Daily News