The Cleveland Plain Dealer (Bill Livingston) blogs: James is not going to be leaving for Milwaukee, San Antonio or even Detroit. The challenge will come, I think, from the New York Knicks. Many believe the biggest pitch will be made by the New Jersey Nets when they relocate to Brooklyn, N.Y., in time for James’ free agency year. James is a personal friend with Nets part owner Jay-Z, the rap artist. The Nets also might trade for James’ pal Carmelo Anthony. But offensive mastermind Mike D’Antoni is the Knicks’ new coach. He will put in a fluid system that could let a player like James average almost unheard-of numbers. The Knicks are the big team in the media capital of the country, and they will be clearing salary-cap space for the next two years. The Lakers wooed Shaquille O’Neal away from Orlando by challenging him to match Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s legacy and restore the Lakers’ greatness. Orlando did everything it could to no avail.