The NBA pre-draft camp is Tuesday through Friday (May 27-30) and will be there, with coverage from us beginning tonight. The first bit of info out is the names of top prospects the NBA has named to be interviewed by the media in a separate setting.

Those names are: DJ Augustin, Texas, Jerryd Bayless (Arizona), Michael Beasley (Kansas State), Eric Gordon (Indiana), Brook Lopez (Stanford), Kevin Love (UCLA), OJ Mayo (USC), Anthony Randolph (LSU) and Derrick Rose (Memphis ).

Since that’s nine guys, more names could be added to the list, but basically that means the league expects those players are likely going to be selected as lottery picks. In no way does this guarantee those guys will all be taken before anyone else. The league inviting these guys to be interviewed in a separate setting just means, chances are, in the first 14 picks, close to all of those players will probably be selected.