rodney stuckey

The Detroit Pistons escaped their three-game road trip with a 104-102 win over the Orlando Magic on Sunday, after which the media wanted to discuss one topic, the head coach declined, and the players expressed some level of confusion over it all.

Rodney Stuckey was inactive.  He was healthy and in a suit, though he was the last player to the bench in both halves.

Frank, who traditionally discloses his two inactive players at his press conference 90 minutes before the game, coyly said he hadn’t decided at that point who would be inactive.

A half-hour later, at the mandatory league-imposed time when inactives must be turned in, Stuckey’s name was on it.

Afterwards, Frank was just as coy about why.

“Just coach’s decision,” he said.  ”That’s as far as I’m going.  I’m sorry to be evasive but that’s all I’m giving you.”

– Reported by David Mayo of Michigan Live