dwyane wade

Dwyane Wade is fine with all of this.

Really, he is.

Wade played in the spotlight for seven seasons, but things have changed. The attention has diminished now that he’s paired with a teammate who is playing like a superhero.

And apparently LeBron James’ super power is making his future Hall of Fame teammates look like mortals. Although Wade completed his best five-game stretch of the season, it was just a footnote to all the gushing of James’ recent play.

“I’m not looking for headlines, but I’ve been playing all right,” Wade said. “He (James) can have all the headlines. It’s cool.”

James is playing so well that Wade’s week went all but ignored. He averaged 24.8 points, six rebounds, 5.8 assists and three steals during the Heat’s five-game winning streak. While the media was constantly updating James’ field goals numbers on Twitter, Wade was quietly shooting 51 percent.

“He’s been making so much history, so I’m glad I can be in a little bit with him,” Wade said.

– Reported by Shandel Richardson of theĀ South Florida Sun-Sentinel