The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (Michael Hunt) writes: The Bucks also erred in bestowing a maximum contract on Michael Redd. Do that, and the player had better be able to carry a team. Redd is one of the league’s premier scorers - mitigated by the fact the points have to come from somewhere on a bad team - but he could not lift the Bucks to even mediocrity. For the $17 million a year they pay him, the Bucks could’ve finished last without Redd. Eighty games below .500 and one playoff victory. Of course, you can’t pin all that on Redd, who was stuck here while Glenn Robinson got a ring in San Antonio, and while Allen and Sam Cassell might get one in Boston. Management failed miserably to surround Redd with a supporting cast once the decision was made five years ago to dismantle one of the NBA’s better teams.