Bernard King, on the day he was officially named a Hall of Fame inductee, said the matchups may favor the Knicks in an Eastern Conference showdown against Miami and he has never seen Carmelo Anthony not do well against LeBron James.

“I certainly think that they have a chance to beat any team they face, whether it’s Miami or whatever,’’ King said yesterday. “The Knicks are a very deep team. They have a tremendous bench, and obviously in terms of their 3-point shooting, that puts tremendous pressure on the defense. It spreads the floor, and it allows [Tyson] Chandler to roll to the basket to get easy buckets around the hoop. I like their style of play, and I like the defense that they’re playing.’’

The Knicks have taken three of four from Miami this season.

– Reported by Marc Berman and Steve Serby of the New York Post