Joakim Noah trying to deal with plantar fasciitis

Add cortisone shot to the list of treatments Joakim Noah has attempted to quell his nagging plantar fasciitis.

The Bulls’ center, who also has tried platelet rich plasma injections, sleeping in a splint and — three seasons ago — shock wave therapy, received the shot Monday night in an attempt to salvage regular-season action. Twice in the last three days, Noah has said he is resigned he will have to play through the painful condition the remainder of the season.

“It’s not great,” Noah said. “It’s frustrating. I felt pretty good to try it on Sunday (against the Pistons) but it swelled up on me pretty bad. But I’m confident I’ll be out there when it gets hot.”

That’s a nod to the playoffs. The reason Noah, who sat for the ninth time in 10 games on Tuesday, wants to play before then is to develop game shape and rhythm. But he admitted he barely can walk some mornings when he awakens.

– Reported by K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune