pau gasol

It’s up for debate who finally asked Gasol to start playing again like the guy who won those championships. Bryant said he told Gasol to “go to the block and not move.” Eventually, D’Antoni accepted it, either out of necessity because so many players were injured for L.A. or not.

“He’s arguably, we could talk best center in the league,” D’Antoni said of Gasol after Game 4. “Skill wise, for sure.”

And Gasol is sure that he doesn’t want to see those skills go to waste next season, whether he’s in L.A. or not.

“I’d like to [be featured again], I really do,” Gasol said. “Because it’s frustrating for me for most of the year to be in a position where I can’t provide everything that I can as a player. So, you try to do what it takes and then do what you’re asked for, but it’s just difficult.” “It was difficult for me, so, it’s something that I’m also aware I’m getting older and at some point my role will have to adjust,” he said. “But if I’m healthy, I know I can do so much and hopefully it will be here. But, who knows?

“I definitely want to be in a situation where I can maximize my abilities and help the team the most that I can, and devote completely to it.”

– Reported by Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles