stephen curry

Besides the volume and accuracy of Curry’s 3-point shooting, the most impressive facet is his versatility. He took at least 100 attempts in four different play types as charted by Synergy Sports — spot ups (53.4 percent), transition (52.3 percent), pick and rolls as the ballhandler (44.3 percent) and coming off screens (37.7).

The latter is his lowest percentage on any play type he had more than 20 attempts, and he was still above league average. As such, wanting to run Curry off the 3-point line and actually doing it are often two very different things.

No wonder former Spurs forward Bruce Bowen — never one to back down from a challenge — all but threw up his hands when recently asked how he’d defend Curry.

“I wouldn’t try to force him to do anything,” he said. “I would play him straight up because he is too good. He is such a smart player and has so much skill, all he does is see what you’re trying to do to him and counter.”

– Reported by Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News (Blog)