Beware Stephen Curry, the baby-faced assassin

His skinny frame is dwarfed by the giants of the NBA. His baby face only looks younger because of its perpetual smile. And people who know him swear you’ll never meet a nicer guy.

But Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has become a breakout star and led his team into the second round of the playoffs thanks to another quality: ruthlessness.

The Denver Nuggets most recently found that out the hard way as Curry dominated their first-round playoff series, and the playoff-tested San Antonio Spurs are up next starting Monday night. But it’s not a new phenomenon for those who have watched Curry sneak up on others for years.

“It’s funny to see people finally catch on,” said his brother Seth, a collegiate star at Duke. “I think it’s because he doesn’t pass the eye test. Even now people are shocked that someone who looks like him is doing what he’s doing. He’s dominated pretty much every level he’s played.”

The 6-foot-3, 185-pounder has often been dismissed as too scrawny or lacking for athleticism. Despite an NBA pedigree (father Dell played 16 seasons) and prolific high school career, tiny Davidson College was the only school to woo him.

– Reported by Marcus Thompson II of theĀ Bay Area News Group