Derrick Rose

Al Capone’s vault is no longer the biggest hoax in Chicago history.

Welcome to the top spot, Derrick Rose’s “Return.”

After the inspiring adidas “Return” documentary advertorial that started the season of our discontent, and all the time wasted, I mean spent, monitoring and predicting and debating the date of Rose’s return and then ruminating on the murky reasons why it didn’t happen, it’s mercifully over.

The Miami Heat finished off a 4-1 series victory in the Eastern Conference semifinals Wednesday, so it’s officially official that Rose will not return this season. I don’t need a source to verify it.

Rose is now free to shoot around in private, rather than before games, and stash the playoff suits until his next GQ cover shoot. He can continue his training at the Berto Center and in Los Angeles, and prepare for a long-awaited return to action next fall.

He will be ready. We will be ready. Let the healing begin!

– Reported by Jon Greenberg of ESPN Chicago