Not many were calling Victor Oladipo a potential top-10 draft pick when he was a freshman defensive specialist at Indiana.

The general consensus was that he had to improve offensively to be considered an NBA prospect.

Guess NBA teams already have an idea of Oladipo’s work ethic.

Flash-forward two basketball seasons. It will stun analysts if Oladipo doesn’t hear his name called among the top-10 players during the NBA draft June 27.

Oladipo talked about his meteoric rise over the past two days at the NBA predraft combine and even he has a hard time believing his good fortune.

“I remember back a couple of months ago I wasn’t getting any attention, a couple of years ago I wasn’t getting any attention so it’s all kind of surreal for me every time,” Oladipo said at the Attack Athletics gym. “It just drives me. I know what it feels like to be at the bottom and be overlooked and every thing like that. I’m just going to use the experience to keep working hard and staying in the gym.”

– Reported by Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press