The updated 2013 NBA power rankings are for entertainment purposes only, folks.

1) Miami Heat (66-16) - Best team in regular season, with league’s best player, looking like the best in the NBA playoffs so far.

2) San Antonio Spurs (58-24) - Experienced Spurs still relying on Parker, Duncan, Ginobili and smart play.

3) Oklahoma City Thunder (60-22) - Injury to Russell Westbrook doomed OKC in playoffs. Kevin Durant continues to be all-world.

4) Memphis Grizzlies (56-26) - Low-scoring, grit-and-grind Grizzlies do it with defense. Smart, tough team.

5) Denver Nuggets (57-25) - Balanced, talented, versatile, super-scoring team was hurt by injury to Danilo Gallinari.

6) LA Clippers (56-26) - Terrific regular season but first-round loss to tough Grizzlies resulted in team saying goodbye to head coach Del Negro

7) Indiana Pacers (49-32) - Rugged, defensive-minded Pacers have serious competitive fire. Physical team with big frontcourt.

8) New York Knicks (54-28) - Live by the jumper, die by the jumper. And in the playoffs, JR Smith and friends missed a lot. Low-assist squad.

9) Golden State Warriors (47-35) - Super-shooting backcourt and some frontcourt talent with size is a good foundation

10) Chicago Bulls (45-37) - Heart and hustle allowed Bulls to keep fighting in playoffs despite constant injuries

11) Brooklyn Nets (49-33) - Slow team whose limited athletic ability prevented these guys from turning it up in playoffs

12) LA Lakers (45-37) - Lakers were doomed in playoffs anyway, but season-ending injury to Kobe Bryant helped ensure it

13) Houston Rockets (45-37) - Great at scoring, but just as great at… not defending. Interesting young combo of players.

14) Atlanta Hawks (44-38) - Good passing and running, but team lacks identity beyond that. Josh Smith enters free agency.

15) Utah Jazz (43-39) - Big summer of free agency, especially in the Jazz frontcourt with Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap.

16) Boston Celtics (41-40) - Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are aging, but injuries to Rajon Rondo and others limited them further.

17) Dallas Mavericks (41-41) - A full rebuild is needed in this old folks home. Aging Dirk Nowitzki needs new guys around him.

18) Milwaukee Bucks (38-44) - A nice surprise was the emerging play of young Larry Sanders.

19) Philadelphia 76ers (34-48) - Andrew Bynum didn’t play. Jrue Holiday has some game. Rebuilding project.

20) Toronto Raptors (34-48) - Rudy Gay brings scoring, but team is still limited in overall talent.

21) Portland Trail Blazers (33-49) - Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge have nice game, but team was a disappointment

22) Minnesota Timberwolves (31-51) - Ricky Rubio shot bricks, and Kevin Love was injured. Team is building for the future.

23) Detroit Pistons (29-53) - Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe are a solid, young, big frontcourt combo.

24) Washington Wizards (29-53) - John Wall looked like a seriously dangerous talent once he got going.

25) Sacramento Kings (28-54) - Sacramento got to keep their NBA team. That’s the one big win here. Good scoring, bad defense.

26) New Orleans Pelicans (27-55) - Hornets are now the Pelicans. Not many positives this season.

27) Phoenix Suns (25-57) - Played decent team basketball, but simply not talented enough to compete. Good season from Goran Dragic.

28) Cleveland Cavaliers (24-58) - Kyrie Irving is great (when healthy), but with Anderson Varejao injured there was very little help here.

29) Charlotte Bobcats (21-61) - Bobcats backcourt was OK. Rest of team was invisible. As a whole, team was awful at everything.

30) Orlando Magic (20-62) - Nikola Vucevic was decent. This was a D-League level team.