lebron james

What a game, and how lucky we all were to witness it. LeBron James called it the best game he has ever played in. For me, it was the greatest game I’ve ever covered and I felt honored to be there covering it for The Herald and South Florida sports fans. James’ triple-double, his fourth in an NBA Finals, seemed like a minor footnote when it was all over. That’s how amazing and layered and thrilling Game 6 felt. James finished with 32 points to go along with 10 rebounds and 11 assists. He had 23 points in the second half and 16 in the fourth, carrying the Heat all the way to the finish line and setting the stage for Allen’s heroics.

James’ two turnovers in the final minute will be a focal point, but don’t let that take away from his amazing effort. After three-pointers by Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller to begin the fourth quarter, James willed the Heat back into the game. There were so many incredible moments tonight, but, for James, his block against Tim Duncan in the fourth will be a cherished moment if the Heat wins Game 7.

If the Heat wins Game 7…That’s what it’s all about now. Game 6 was unbelievable but Game 7 of the NBA Finals will top it just by simply being a Game 7. These moments come around once in a lifetime, Heat fans. Enjoy it. Savor it. Seriously, who’s going to sleep between now and then? Probably not me.

Reported by Joseph Goodman of theĀ Miami Herald (Blog)