mark jackson

Mark Jackson is the Zen Don Nelson — similar Warriors success, much less frantic financial agitation.

So: Jackson is not going to scheme for a bigger, longer contract this summer after leading the Warriors to a surprise playoff run, though that’s exactly what Nelson did after the franchise’s previous postseason berth.

If a new deal for Jackson comes before the season starts, then fine.

If it doesn’t (and Jackson said there have been no serious talks as of yet this offseason) … well, Jackson might not be 100 percent thrilled with that, but he almost certainly won’t stage a Nelson-style holdout.

“I’m thrilled to have a job and to coach this group of guys — and with great ownership, a great front office and fan base,” Jackson said from Los Angeles in a phone interview Tuesday.

“I’m a guy with great faith. I know it’ll work out. So I don’t get caught up in it. This isn’t standard ‘coach line.’ It’s the truth. It’ll work out. I do know that.”

The reality is that Jackson is signed through next season, and the Warriors have a team option for 2014-15.

Reported by Tim Kawakami of theĀ San Jose Mercury News