According to TiVo Research and Analytics, the top 5 most-watched moments of Heat vs Spurs NBA Finals Game 7 were:

1.     Game Clock 00:27:09 4th Quarter: On a crucial possession to put the game in reach, Manu Ginobili inbounds the ball to Tim Duncan. Duncan hands the ball back to Ginoboli who then streaks toward the baseline. Chris Bosh keeps Ginobili under the basket, forcing him to pass to Tim Duncan. LeBron James elevates and intercepts the pass, is fouled and is sent to the free throw line. LeBron makes both free throws increasing Miami’s lead by six.

2.     Game Clock 00:39 4th Quarter: Miami has a chance to make it a two possession game with nearly 30 seconds to go. LeBron James gets the inbounds pass and calmly lets a few seconds come off the clock. James makes his move inside the 3-point line and pulls up for an 18 foot jump shot. Everyone in the arena is on their feet. The shot goes in and the stadium erupts in a sea of white and celebratory arm raises. “The King” brings another trophy to Miami.

3.     Game Clock 00:23:05 4th Quarter: Following LeBron’s two free throws, Manu Ginobili receives the baseline pass and hurries down the court for a long three point attempt. Dwyane Wade recovers the rebound and is quickly fouled by Danny Green. Wade makes the first free throw, and misses the second off the back of the rim. Shane Battier tips the ball back to Mario Chalmers. The Heat run the clock out to win back to back NBA Championships.

4.     Game Clock 00:46 4th Quarter: With less than a minute left the Spurs have an outstanding opportunity to tie the game up. Tim Duncan has an extreme advantage on the mismatch between himself and Shane Battier. Duncan makes a move to his right hand and rises up in the paint. The shot that he has made in so many clutch situations over his career is off slightly to the right. He gets another opportunity when he reaches over Battier for the tip back but is too strong and air balls.

5.     Game Clock 3:19 4th Quarter: Following the quick transition basket, Tim Duncan has a chance to redeem himself for the unfortunate turnover, and delivers. After posting up on Chris Bosh in the paint, Duncan throws up an off-balance one handed floater, banks it in, and gets the foul (makes his free throw).