Dwight Howard says it was tough to play with Kobe Bryant

“Was it tough playing with Kobe?” Howard said in a recent interview with ESPN. “Yeah, it was very tough. But playing along with Kobe didn’t have any parts in my decision going to Houston. I just felt like going to Houston was a better situation for me in my career.”

Howard believes Rockets coach Kevin McHale will feature him in a larger offensive role in the post than Mike D’Antoni would. He believes James Harden will play with more efficiency and better health than Steve Nash would. Howard believes it will be easier leading a team lacking with championship tradition than playing on a team steeped with it but Bryant still controlling the agenda.

“Me and Kobe, we had our disagreements and we had our moments,” Howard said. “Everbody knows Kobe likes to score. There were times we would get at it about getting the ball. That happens as a team. But my focus cannot be on Kobe in what he did. I have to look at myself and say I allowed that situation to happen. I could get those balls and do whatever I want because I’m capable of doing it. I can’t blame anybody else for things I’ve done on the court. I would have to own up to it.”

Reported by Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News (Blog)