Pablo Prigioni very happy to stay with Knicks

Argentine point guard Pablo Prigioni traveled to his home country this week to participate in the NBA’s second Basketball Without Borders Americas event in Buenos Aires. The program, which was first held there in 2005, includes a camp with top youth talent, a Special Olympics clinic and off-the-court outreach work.

While painting a home in a local under-served community on Saturday, Prigioni took a break to speak with about re-signing with the Knicks, the team outlook for next season and the BWB program.

Q: What are your thoughts on returning to New York?

A: “I’m so excited. It was my first option to try to continue with the team. I think I can give a little bit more to the team now in the second season. I know everything — the system, I know my teammates, my coach. So I’m really excited. I appreciate how they wanted me, how they treat me, so I’m really happy for me and for my family.”

Reported by Jared Zwerling of ESPN New York