Parting ways with Michael Beasley would be expensive for Phoenix Suns

The risk has outweighed the reward in Michael Beasley’s contract, but it would be unlikely for the Suns to get out of his contract based on his recent arrest unless they just eat $9 million.

Beasley’s arrest on suspicion of marijuana possession early Tuesday in Scottsdale is not a misstep that could allow the Suns to escape the three-year, $18 million contract they gave him last year. Any punishment for his latest police case is far away, with charges, convictions and appeals potentially dragging it out, and subject to the NBA collective-bargaining agreement, which puts first-time violators in a marijuana program, fines second-time violators and gives a five-game suspension to third-time violators.

If the Suns are not able to get out of the contract because of this case or Scottsdale police’s investigation into an allegation of sexual assault, the Suns could cut ties with Beasley with a “stretch provision” allowed under the current CBA for a player signed after July 1, 2011.

Reported by Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic