Rumors Talk: Maggette should join a contender

July 7: If Corey Maggette has to forget about getting more than the mid-level exception and is going to take a long contract that lasts for years, he might as well do it on a team that can compete for a championship. He’d make a nice scoring option off the bench for the Celtics, though defensively he has a lot to learn. He’d also help the Pistons or Spurs… Chris Duhon is a real point guard who is limited by his athletic ability. Keyon Dooling is super-athletic but not a real point guard… The Heat cut some dude named Jonny Reibel. I’d have cut him just because of the spelling of his first name. Remember Ralph Sampson? If his name was spelled “Ralfie” or something, I’d have sent him packing… I understand teams like the Knicks and Nets focusing on 2010 free agency, but it’s kind of a bad message to send to fans: ‘We plan on being lousy in the hope that two years from now, of two or three really great players out there, one of them agrees to sign with us.’ … The Nuggets may keep Anthony Carter? That’s like the Celtics getting Kevin Garnett. Similar impact. Give or take… So will Elton Brand stick with his Clippers team or bail on them and head to the Warriors for a lot more money? Must be an extremely tough decision… The Celtics should really give James Posey a mid-level exception deal if that’s what he wants… I still don’t know what Al Harrington’s ideal NBA position is. Do you? … NBA summer league games are good for seeing your favorite rookies. Other than that, they don’t bring much to the table. Fortunately, every team has at least two or three guys worth watching.

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