Reggie Evans

Non-stop rhetoric has ping-ponged back and forth across both boroughs, the playful woofing even coming in the simple form of that three-letter phrase used so much in social media circles.

Nets forward Reggie Evans types in a simple “lol” on his Twitter page, this after the Knicks’ J.R. Smith responded to Paul Pierce’s chatter about hating the Knicks by proclaiming the Knicks were going to win the 2013-14 NBA crown. Jason Terry, never one to back down from tossing verbal barbs, chimed in the other day, cracking that maybe Smith instead meant the Knicks were destined to win a streetball title.

Jason Kidd doesn’t mind it all, probably because he’s well aware his team features a handful of trash-talking players who have no problem taking turns behind the wheel of their proverbial garbage trucks.

“That’s who my guys are,” the Nets coach told Newsday Wednesday at Lincoln Center, where he was promoting Reel Code Media’s application at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. “They have to be who they are. Some like to talk, some don’t. So you probably won’t hear Brook [Lopez] get involved in that.

“But Paul Pierce and Jason Terry, that’s the makeup of what they like to do. It’s all in fun. The game isn’t won in the newspapers; it’s won on the court. You still have to play the game.”

Reported by Roderick Boone of New York Newsday