Jarrett Jack out around 10 days for Cavs

Jarrett Jack could play through the pain if the Cavaliers were in the playoffs, coach Mike Brown said Tuesday, but Carrick Felix can take all the time he needs to heal – and he should familiarize himself with Canton while he’s down here because he’s probably coming back.

Jack is expected to miss about 10 days to let the inflammation in his left knee subside, but Brown doesn’t seem concerned about it. Jack doesn’t have much of an injury history with the knee, aside from missing six games during the 2011-12 season when he bruised it.

“It’s the preseason, take five days, six days, whatever it is. It doesn’t necessarily matter to me because it’s not anything pressing for the preseason,” Brown said. “Gives other guys an opportunity to play.”

Reported by Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal (Blog)