Lots of players suffer bumps, bruises, soreness and other not-fun things during NBA preaseason:

Andrea Bargnani

There was a point during the Knicks’ open scrimmage on Sunday at Columbia, in which Carmelo Anthony was teamed with Ike Diogu, Cole Aldrich, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Chris Smith.

What made that quintet significant was how many regulars were unavailable due to injuries, with newcomer Andrea Bargnani the latest to be added to the list when he was forced out of practice due to back stiffness.

Bargnani, who was slowed by injuries during his final two seasons with the Raptors, is questionable for Monday’s preseason game in Toronto — their second visit to his previous NBA home in a week.

Reported by Peter Botte of the New York Daily News

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but worth keeping an eye on this next week.