The Philadelphia 76ers won’t be a good team this season. They may be fun to watch, because young players are fun, but if winning is your thing, don’t look at Philly for now. And with that under consideration, perhaps there’s good reason for injured rookie Nerlens Noel to take his sweet time before stepping onto the court. Here’s Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Nerlens Noel

Three words of advice for Nerlens Noel as he rehabilitates his surgically repaired left knee: Take your time.

The 76ers rookie originally was expected to need 10 months of recovery and rehabilitation because of the anterior cruciate ligament tear he suffered during his lone season at Kentucky.

The 6-foot-11 center is working hard to make that return possible. But missing the entire 2013-14 season might not be a bad option, considering what’s at stake for the Sixers and their 19-year-old franchise player.

I’m tired of hearing that Noel would be better off returning this season. I don’t think returning would be a good decision. And even if he’s prepared to do so, here’s some advice for the Sixers: Don’t tell him. Don’t give Noel any reason to be encouraged to play this season.