Aging NBA veteran Dwyane Wade is still a terrific basketball player, but for the most part the Miami Heat are LeBron James’ team to lead. Here’s the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

dwyane wade

Wade scored a season-high 29 points in Thursday’s victory against the Los Angeles Clippers, but knows moments as such are a rarity because of the Heat’s offensive game plan. The system is set up for LeBron James to shoulder to scoring load while receiving contributions from Wade, center Chris Bosh and the rest of the supporting cast.

“You’ve got to keep other guys happy,” Wade said. “Years ago, if I had it going, I would have tried to keep it going. Just understanding on this team, there’s so many other guys who are capable and you’ve got to keep your teammates happy. A night like [Thursday] night, you feel like when things are going in, this is a 40-point night. But on this team, it’s not about that.”

Wade no longer makes a fuss when critics say he is on the downside of his career. Instead, he focuses on his previous resume while still proving he is still one of the top players in the league.