Carmelo Anthony would not mind a reduction in minutes

Carmelo Anthony, like any NBA star, is ready and willing to play as many minutes as needed to help his team win. That doesn’t mean that he actually wants to be out there on the floor almost nonstop all game long. Here’s the New York Post:

carmelo anthony

Carmelo Anthony doesn’t lead the NBA in scoring, but he does lead the league in minutes, and that’s something he would prefer not to do, especially after spending so much of the summer rehabbing a torn left shoulder.

Anthony scored 45 points in the Knicks’ 109-106 loss to the Rockets on Thursday night, but also logged 45 minutes. Anthony, who is averaging 40.8 minutes per game, said he realizes with Tyson Chandler out at least another three weeks and J.R. Smith still feeling his way, he has to carry the load.

“I don’t want to play 45 minutes every night,’’ Anthony said Friday at the Boys Club in The Bronx, where he distributed free food as part of the Carmelo Anthony Foundation. “At this rate if that’s what I have to do to try to help this team, then I’m all for it.’’

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