Players often have heated disagreements with other players or their coaching staff. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that something bad is up. Sports are competitive, and in the heat of the moment, players/coaches can disagree about certain things, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that something particularly bad is brewing. But when trade rumors are brewing, it does make you wonder what’s up. With that said, here’s the New York Post:

iman shumpert

Coach Mike Woodson and Iman Shumpert barked at each other on the Garden court Thursday during the Knicks 109-106 loss to Houston at the Garden.

After the exchange, Shumpert walked away from the coach with noticeable disgust and sat on the bench. If their suspect relationship is improving, it wasn’t apparent during the back-and-forth.

Shumpert is on the trading block, and Woodson hasn’t exactly eased the combo guard’s nerves — even after their meeting when the Knicks played in Atlanta on Wednesday. The Knicks face the Hawks again on Saturday at the Garden.