The New York Knicks are struggling, and forward Carmelo Anthony isn’t getting much help from teammates. Here’s New York Newsday with more on the situation:

carmelo anthony

If the Knicks don’t go deep in the playoffs or make major changes to upgrade the roster, there’s no guarantee that Anthony will re-sign just because they can offer him five years and roughly $129 million, about $34 million more than any other team.

Anthony says he continues to remain positive because he has to for his team, but he also had some revealing comments about the Knicks’ 3-9 start.

“I think it’s time for us to kind of get that monkey off our back,” he said. “It’s starting to turn into a gorilla. I can’t handle that. It’s starting to get tough.

“When you’re losing, it’s not fun. Are we having fun on the basketball court? No. The game is not fun right now. When you start pressing, pressing, pressing, it makes everything that much worse. So no, we’re not having fun playing basketball right now. We got to get back to that.”