We’ve all accepted that Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is gone again. We’ll see him next season — presumably. But it’ll still be fascinating to hear what D-Rose himself has to say about his injuries, state of mind and more. Here’s the Chicago Tribune reporting:

Derrick Rose to speak about injury Thursday

After Thursday’s morning shootaround, Derrick Rose will address reporters for the first time since knee surgery ended a second straight season for him.

Expect resolve.

That’s the message coach Tom Thibodeau said the youngest most valuable player in NBA history has projected since returning to be around his teammates on Tuesday’s offday.

“Frankly, we have to take on Derrick’s approach,” Thibodeau said. “Derrick already has moved past it. He’s thinking about what he has to do the rest of the way, this summer, being ready for next year, talking to me about the team, what we have to do.

“And that’s what I see from our team. I don’t see anyone hanging their head. He’s not going to be here. We know that. We have more than enough here. Just concentrate on what we have to concentrate on; we know what we have to do.”