Here’s the Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog on Kyle Korver looking to get his name in the record books:

Much of the talk around Hawks practice this morning revolved around Kyle Korver’s shot at owning the NBA record for consecutive games with a 3-pointer. With a long-range shot against the Cavaliers tonight Korver will own the streak outright at 90. He is currently tied with Dana Barros at 89.

One new item that came out today came from Al Horford. The Hawks center he has heard players from other teams tell Korver that he wouldn’t get a 3-point shot off against them.

“I’ve heard it,” Horford said. “‘You’re not going to get a 3-point shot off tonight.’ I’ve definitely heard it. It gives credit to what he’s been able to do. That is an impressive streak.”

The Hawks are planning an in-game moment of recognition should Korver set the record tonight.