Coming into the season everyone recognized that big, strong Atlanta Hawks rookie Al Horford had an NBA-ready body. But early in the young season he’s looking like an even better rebounder than expected. Here’s the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

I can’t remember seeing a player (rookie or not) go after rebounds the way Al Horford did last night. He was more than relentless. He was surgical (don’t know if that’s the right word or not) in the way he diagnosed his pursuit of the ball. To get 15 against anyone is something, especially for a guy playing his fourth NBA game. Marvin Williams articulated it better than anyone else could after the game when he said, “Al Horford is a beast. We’ve all said that before, but for a rookie to come in and get 15 boards like that is unbelievable.” I don’t know how you sit this kid down with Zaza Pachulia returning to action Friday night. I just can’t see it being a good thing, Horford going to the bench. I can’t see it.

After four games, Horford is grabbing an extremely impressive 10.8 rebounds in just 29.3 minutes per game.