Here’s ESPN New York on Knick shooting guard J.R. Smith, who has always been a bit of a loose canon but recently is catching more heat than usual:

J.R. Smith Knicks future

In the last two days, J.R. Smith has been benched by the New York Knicks and fined by the NBA.

Suddenly, he is unsure of his future in New York.

“Honestly, I don’t even know at this point. At one point I was for sure, and now it’s rocking the boat,” Smith said after he was benched for the Knicks’ 102-92 win against the Miami Heat on Thursday night. “But it is what it is. It’s the nature of the business.”

The benching came one day after Smith was fined $50,000 by the NBA for “recurring instances of unsportsmanlike conduct” stemming from his recent shoelace antics.

Knicks coach Mike Woodson wouldn’t comment on why he decided to bench Smith against the Heat. Smith said he showed up to Madison Square Garden expecting to play and never was told by Woodson that he wouldn’t.