The Cleveland Cavaliers need talent. They have Kyrie Irving, and if he sticks around long-term is an excellent building block. But the rest of the roster is largely a question mark. Here’s the Boston Globe with more:

With the good luck he has brought the Cleveland Cavaliers at the NBA draft lottery, maybe team owner Dan Gilbert should appoint his son as the team’s next general manager because everything following the lottery has been an abject failure.

The Cavaliers were given a plethora of draft resources, including two No. 1 overall picks with Nick Gilbert present, to rebuild following the departure of LeBron James. But so far the results have been abysmal.

Cleveland was tabbed as a cinch playoff team this season, expected to attract James to perhaps return as a free agent. The Cavaliers were the vogue pick to rise in the Eastern Conference, led by their charismatic star point guard, Kyrie Irving, and a talented and youthful supporting cast.

Yet the product has been painfully disappointing. Irving has taken a step back, apparently caught up with stardom and his next destination, according to those close to the team. Fellow lottery picks Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters have been average at best, while last spring’s No. 1 overall pick, Anthony Bennett, has registered a Ryan Leaf-bust type of first season.