Here’s reporting on the possibility of seeing ads right on NBA game jerseys. Sounds like we shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. But the possibility certainly still exists for the future:

Floated as a possible revenue stream five years ago, the NBA appears to be no closer to putting ads on its jerseys.

The league had even mapped out the dimensions — a 2½-inch by 2½-inch space on the front of the jerseys — but a simple idea turned into something more complex the more it was considered, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said.

In 2011, Silver said selling the space to advertisers conservatively would be worth $100 million.

“The sense was that we were a little premature on the program and we needed to think it through systematically a little bit more,” Silver told

One of the problems was that teams would be competing for advertising clients. Another issue was how the ads would potentially compromise the league’s television partners, ESPN and Turner.