The Toronto Raptors are having a fine season, but like every squad in the league, deals are possible. Here’s the Toronto Sun reporting:

Masai Ujiri has always said he would let the players dictate which way he went with things and he’s not backing off that now.

That does not mean he definitely won’t be busy between now and Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, just that he’s not going to be out there seeking moves as hard as he would have been had the Raptors not got on a bit of a roll and shown their President and GM something over these last couple of months.

“I’ll be right here (waving his cellphone) waiting and we’ll see what happens,” he said of his plans between now and the trade deadline. “I never know what to expect. Sometimes it’s quiet until the last minute. Sometimes it’s busy. As far as our team, I think the team has played well. They have done well with the platform so keep trying to grow.

“These guys are taking the opportunity and I said we would give them the platform, and if they continue to grow we’ll see how we do but we haven’t done anything yet,” Ujiri cautioned. “I don’t want to call out the conference, I can’t do that, but it’s the measuring stick and I think we have to keep that in mind.”