Here’s the Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog reporting insight from Hawks general manager Danny Ferry:

On trying to trade for a center: “We are missing Gustavo (Ayon) for a period, to be determined. Pero (Antic), to be determined. Obviously, Al (Horford) is out for the year. Those are tough for our group. We are going to be undersized most nights. But hopefully we get one or two of those guys back coming up here and get our group more whole. We won’t be completely whole the rest of the year. This is the NBA. Injuries are part of it. We have to work around it. You can’t use them as excuses. But there is also a reality to them and we’ve had to deal with them this year.”

On trade deadline under new Collective Bargaining Agreement: “You see a lot of small deals, a lot of cap deals, a lot of CBA-centric deals happen today. A couple teams probably improved themselves some, whether that is from positioning in salary cap or that’s in the roster… No deal is better than a bad deal. Every team has had bad deals and has had to live with bad deals. … We have to continually and methodically make sound decisions to put ourselves in the best position to succeed. You are going to need some luck. You are going to need some health. You are going to need a lot of things.”