Here’s the Salt Lake Tribune highlighting the importance of Derrick Favors to the Utah Jazz this season:

Utah Jazz struggle badly when Derrick Favors is out

Derrick Favors’ injury has changed a few times over the season. It’s been a hip sprain, a sore hip, an inflamed hip and, most recently, a sprained hip.

But one thing has remained constant: the Jazz are winless when he doesn’t play. With Favors missing his seventh game in the Jazz’s last 13 on Saturday, Utah fell to the Minnesota Timberwolves and dropped to 0-9 on the year in games without Favors.

“I think everyone is confident in each other’s abilities but what Derrick brings to the table, this team really misses when he’s not here,” said forward Marvin Williams. “He’s an anchor. He’s a great rebounder. He’s a great one-on-one defender. He’s also a great help-side defender. Derrick has always been there to save the day. But, obviously, when he’s not back there, it’s been difficult.”