Here’s the Washington Post reporting on Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, who is known to do things with supreme quickness on the basketball court:

Russell Westbrook gets amazingly fast triple-double

If there’s any question on whether stars Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant can coexist on the court, Tuesday night helped answer it.

Granted it was against the woeful Philadelphia 76ers, but Westbrook logged the NBA’s second-fastest triple-double in the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 125-92 win.

Westbrook finished with 13 points, 10 rebounds and 14 assists in less than 21 minutes of play for his eighth career triple-double. The NBA’s quickest triple-double belongs to Jim Tucker of the Syracuse Nationals, who did it in just 17 minutes in 1955.

“I never go in looking to shoot first, pass first, rebound first,” Westbrook said (via Associated Press). “I just come in and play off instincts.”