Here’s the New York Daily News reporting on the Knicks, who if things go their way will eventually be led by the Zen Master, Phil Jackson:

phil jackson

When Phil Jackson is standing in front of a top-tier free agent, the Knicks want him to begin his recruiting pitch with an old Pat Riley trick; throw all of his rings on the table.

All 13, in fact.

An NBA source says that a big part of the Knicks’ thinking behind pursuing Jackson is to recruit free agents to New York, starting with re-signing Carmelo Anthony, who can opt out of his contract on July 1.

Nearly four years after the Knicks’ recruiting pitch to LeBron James came up woefully short, Garden chairman James Dolan is counting on Jackson to become the organization’s closer.

“Can’t talk about it,” Knicks president and GM Steve Mills, who hasn’t addressed the media since training camp, said as he walked past reporters before Saturday night’s game against the Cavaliers.